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NRPA and the National Wildlife Federation are partners in the 10 Million Kids Outdoors campaign …and leaders in the children and nature movement.


10 million kids"NRPA is supporting the National Wildlife Federation’s 10 Million Kids Outdoors campaign. This three-year initiative seeks a future in which all children spend time outside each day - creating a generation of happier and healthier children with more awareness and connection to the natural world.

The nature of childhood has changed...there’s not much nature in it. Young people today spend less time outdoors in nature than ever before. A generation ago 75% of American kids played outside daily; nowadays, only 25% do. Children are spending just minutes per day learning and playing outdoors and more than seven sedentary hours per day in front of electronic media. 

Childhood as a whole has moved indoors due to various societal shifts in how children spend their time. Increased afterschool activities including homework and sports, shorter or nonexistent recess, lack of access to green spaces and concerns over unsupervised outdoor play have all contributed to today's children spending significantly more time inside than their parents did. This trend is reflected across all demographics and without regard to geographic location. However, children within urban environments, particularly those within under-resourced urban communities, face the greatest barriers to engaging nature through outdoor play and exploration.

Childhood’s indoor trend impacts health and well-being. It’s not just a lost connection with our natural world; it’s a serious public health issue. In the last two decades: child obesity rates have more than doubled, more children are vitamin-D deficient, the United States has become the largest consumer of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) medications in the world, and the use of antidepressants in pediatric patients has risen sharply. Studies point to sedentary and indoor lifestyles as contributing factors in these alarming trends."


 Sign Up Your Agency or Organization

1. Register your agency
Register your agency, district or organization to participate. We’ll keep you informed on upcoming webinars for staff and volunteers, training opportunities, resources for leaders, and new information about the initiative as it unfolds. 

2. Make Your Participation Count 
Help us track progress towards this important goal. Updates on the number of children will be requested quarterly and a report back form will be available in early 2015. 

3. Get Kids (and Parents) Engaged! 
Partner with NWF to start new--or grow existing--programs that get kids outside in nature. Here are some great ideas for programs, events and activities from NWF to get you started:

Advertise your park and get family events listed with NWF's Nature Find tool

Start a Ranger Rick’s Geocache Trail for a new (high-tech) kind of adventure

Host a Great American Backyard Campout and foster fun and connection to nature

Inspire children with NWF's award-winning Ranger Rick magazine

Participate in NWF's Wildlife Watch citizen science project by submitting wildlife sightings and photos

Find tons of activities for families and children of all ages in Activity Finder

Create wildlife-friendly gardens for learning and playing through NWF'sCertified Wildlife Habitat program

Take part in a local nature program offered by one of NWF’s 48 affiliate organizations

Browse NWF's library of nature-related lesson plans for educators





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